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FTLO Podcast 03


We’ve recently started movie date night and share some opinions about our first two movies: ‘August Rush’ and ‘Into the Wild’.  This episode also sees the question portion of the show hit high gear as we answer a bunch of emails and waste some time pretending we know what we’re talking about.  We hope you enjoy the bloodshed.

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FTLO Podcast 02

Transformers 2, Michael Jackson, and even some movies from last year — no topic is safe as our filthy little podcast gains some steam. We also answer one listener’s email with what we HOPED was decent advice.  Listen and learn.

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FTLO 002

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FTLO Podcast 01

amor - handsJad and I always have fun when we talk, even though we tend to lose IQ points after every conversation.  And because we love you, we’ve decided to record our shit and share them with you.  This is the very first episode of the FTLO Podcast.

Enjoy.  And suffer.  But mostly enjoy.

We love comments.

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